1st and 2nd interview content overlap


I was just wondering if anyone knows whether it’d be acceptable to talk about the same commercial awareness stories in your partner interview that you did in your 1st interview (at PwC specifically).

First interview I talked about both the US auto manufacturing crisis and the causes and consequences of interest rate changes in the UK. I have some other stories in mind for partner interview, but I was wondering if it’d be acceptable to fall back on those stories again if it all goes pear shaped elsewhere?! I know they keep records of what went on at your first interview, and I have a feeling that the partner wouldn’t be too impressed if s/he saw that I was recyling stories…


Yes. You can. I suppose in theory it would be ncie to talk about something else. But in practice, the partner is not going to waste time finding out about every little question you were asked in the first stage - they are far too busy!

Your only problem might be that the partner might ask you about a specific [[commercial awareness]] issue of his/her choice, rather than let you choose. So make sure you know about commercial stuff in general - not just one topic.