150 applications on cityjobs, 206 applications on reed, 50+applications for graduate programmes, when will this unemployment end


This is for everyone that graduated in 2008 and still looking for a damn job. doing part-time work to pass your time so you can get into the financial industry?

When the newspapers have started refering to us graduates as the ‘lost generation’ depression hits!

This has been a tough couple of months and i set up this forum topic for people to just vent out their frustration and then just go nuts generally.

This forum is for the people who keep hearing from others that they are not working hard enough to secure a job, or that they understand how you feel.

They have no clue what it feels like to study your butt of in univeristy complete further education, send out 400+ applications and then get rejected because, ‘there are some gaps in your cv’, or you are over qualified with little experience!

Hello there is a ‘f*****g’ recession, ofcause there is a gap in my cv! as for the over-qualification, will my chances of securing be greater if i did not hold a masters ? nope!

Also how the hell does a graduate get experience when no one will hire someone of ‘graduate calibre’ unless he has experience. That is the dumbest thing ever.

I have tried to be open-minded for a while now, but i am getting to old for this s***!

secured a job abroad, in an oil company, better go pack my bags.


You could always work for us? WikiJob is looking for talented graduates who understand business and finance to help us right now! PM me if you’d like more info :slight_smile:


Yeah I agree with your post.

I am also in the same boat - doing some voluntary work and study atm to keep myself sane!

Unfortunately it is likely to get worse before it gets better - as after the election it will be the public sectors turn for redundancies

Congrats on your job though - you have to take what you can get!