10 minute presentation for bottom line technologies


Hi Everyone :slight_smile:

Hope everybody is enjoyng the fine weather. So I have an assessment centre with bottomline technologies and I have to create a 10 minute presentation the topic of my presentation is:

"Bottomline has a strategy to double its revenue every 3 years. How do you think you can contribute to the company achieving this objective?”

I have applied for a technology role within the company - Can anyone give me any pointers as to what I could present?



I applied to their graduate intake 2016 in Marketing & Sales. Here’s my experience through the following stages:
-*no aptitude tests

  • telephone interview: 20 minute interview. Why Bottomline? Why this sector? Give me an example of when you were part of a team. What did you do that was beyond expectations? (from the top of my head)
  • AC (before attending, they asked me to do a Personal Profile Analysis). Activities there were as follow: registration & introduction which gave an overview of Bottom Technologies. Written task: this was a 30-minute exercise asking you to write a response to an e-mail about a delay from an unhappy client. Group Exercise: 10 candidates were asked to deal with a scenario in which they were stranded in a desert with a broken coach, ill driver, 4 litres of water, 4 chocolate bars and a tarpaulin, with a promise of an impending arrival of another coach in 30 hours or so: what would you do? discuss. *1 hour lunch talking to their graduates. Interview & presentation: altogether 30 minutes. Presentation topic: What can I bring to Bottomline Technologies? (10 minutes) > Q&A. Lastly interview: 20 minutes of standard competency questions. Although they said the AC was from 09.00 to 17.30, it actually ended at 15.00 or before for some of us.

Best of luck.